Mission Statement

American Standard Health Care Inc. are committed to better our customers' standard of life, promote and encourage the overall wellness of each individual and assist them in reaching their full potential.
All our customers are assigned a Mental Health Coordinator who works with them in their community on a daily basis.


Benefit Of Our Program

  • Improved family communication
  • Conflict Resolution – including rewarding positive behaviors and consequences for negative behavior
  • Understanding corresponding symptoms of mental health diagnoses and possible side effect of medication as well as efficacy for proper medication management
  • Academic support – including organization and time management skills
  • Social skills – associated with interaction with peers and respecting authority figure

Each person who attends the American Standard Health Care Inc.

    • Develops their own individual rehabilitation plan with assistance of a certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner.
    • Has the opportunity to develop a personal health and wellness activities program.
    • Has the opportunity to develop personal computer skills.
    • Is given the opportunity to develop a Wellness Recovery Action Plan.
    • Is provided with a variety of recovery-based methods of skill building.